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In a bid to sell their products and services, forward-thinking brands typically identify and leverage passion points that they share in common with their desired audience. For some brands, these passion points could be music, sports, food, design, beauty, or fashion. Brands would often spend thousands or even millions of dollars sponsoring large scale music, fashion, or sporting events in the hope of reaching and connecting with both existing and potential consumers. Many go as far as planning their communication for an entire quarter around such events in order to amplify their brand voice and attract more people.

With the…

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An Omni-channel strategy was never a consideration for a lot of brands. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, several brands within the consumer goods space would often prioritize retail over other channels. There’s no doubt that a retail-first approach has always been the desired option for brands; after all what better way to reach a large number of potential consumers than by capturing their attention as they browse through aisles and store shelves. Placing products directly in the face of consumers have also proven to be beneficial for smaller brands — several independent beauty brands for example, have grown to become…

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or the past few weeks, there has been a global outcry over the brutal killing of George Floyd, and several other unjustifiable attacks on black lives in America. Grueling acts of racism witnessed by the black community at large has sparked an uprising marked by both peaceful and violent protests, as well as open dialogue about race — a topic that is often swept under the carpet.

Lately, it seems as though brands have been pushed to speak about race more than they have ever been required to in the course of their existence. For some brands, difficult conversations such…

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When the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) first hit Wuhan, China in late 2019, the entire world could never have predicted that this seemingly mild epidemic would become a global pandemic that would ultimately change the way humans work, travel, live and socialize.

At the start of March 2020, the need for a nationwide lock-down became mandatory for several countries around the world. Governments across Asia, Europe, and North America began closing their borders and enforcing social distancing in a bid to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Tourists and business travellers in countries that were already experiencing the devastating impact of…

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Instagram’s early days were are all about square photos and custom filters. When the widely popular photo sharing app launched way back in 2010, there was very little care for aesthetics or user engagement. Its new community was still very much fascinated by the app, its features, and the fact that they could share fun and quirky images with family and friends.

So how did an app where users once shared imperfect images of their pets or a random street corner become a source of mental health problems?

Several studies have shown that social media…

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There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way humans not only interact but also experience the world. Although Machine Learning (as a field of study) only recently started gaining ground, AI systems and applications have been in use for quite a long time. From the world of finance to E-commerce, AI has revolutionized the way companies across the world do business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been ingrained into our daily lives and routines without us even realizing it. From apps like Google Maps and Uber to virtual personal assistants such as Siri and Cortana, machines have pretty much become…

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The accessibility of Instagram ads exposed me to a world of ‘social content disasters’. When it comes to content, I’ve just about seen it all — the good, the bad and downright awful! I don’t know what irks me more: the lack of cohesiveness when you scan through a brand’s feed or the inability to see what story is being told. Surely, these two issues are closely linked because without a cohesive plot or story line, the viewers will be lost in translation and as you can guess, that’s exactly what I’ve been lately — LOST!

In today’s world, it…

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So the damage is done…

You’ve finally come forward to let HR know the misdeeds of that senior manager who everyone loved but never suspected would be a perpetrator of sexual harassment. Chances are that you’ve become office enemy number one just by sharing your story. There’s no doubt that coming forward alone is difficult, but what’s even more difficult is the added pressure of dealing with the naysayers and doubters — you know the ones who either avoid you like a plague or talk endlessly behind your back about your quest for attention.

In the past year, sexual misconduct…

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If you think back to all the social events you’ve ever been to, you’ll realize that the people who kept everyone engaged were those with the most stories. Everyone loves a good conversation — it’s not only a great opportunity to learn something new but a chance to express your thoughts and ideas. It’s important for every good conversation to be a two way street, after all that’s the whole point of conversing right?

Ever wanted to leave a room when you encountered someone who just kept going on and on about themselves without giving…

Ever felt like you’re not good enough? Not smart enough? Not strong enough? Not loved or appreciated? Don’t worry you’re not alone; most people have had to fight off these negative thoughts at some point in their lives. I know I have!

Negative thoughts are usually propelled by past failure and a fear of the future. Sometimes it’s driven by the idea that other people have it better than us or that the grass is greener on the other side. These thoughts often result in feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy and self-doubt.

It can be extremely difficult to shake off these…

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